Immersive Futures Gathering Speed and Coming Closer

At #cityLIS we start Library and Information Science Foundations with the much loved History of Documents extending from rock art to digital libraries.  We then spend much of our time  studying the present or near history/future in order to grasp the most pressing theories and professional practice for 21st century librarians and information managers.  However we are also […]

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As We Have Blogged

This week out CityLIS Digital Information Technologies and Architecture module comes to an end and with it our requirement to blog on topics and labs covered in class which was the founding purpose of this blog. This post reflects on the experience of blogging as a learning activity. I have contributed to blogs before: personal […]

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Crafting the Digital Humanities

This week’s lab explores some of the markup and semantic design that makes resource like the Old Bailey Online so useful for text mining by contrasting its technical approach with that of Artist’s Books Online. Artist’s Books Online Artist’s Books Online is a project to create digital repository of artist notebooks and other material directed by Johanna Drucker. The […]

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