More on Poll Data Visualisation: The Guardian Poll Projection

In Week 1 of Data Visualisation I looked at different examples of poll data visualisation.  This week I discovered The Guardian’s Election 2015 Poll Projection.
This is a collection of interactive visualisations attempting to predict the outcome of the May 2015 General Election based on polling data.
It covers:
  • What are the polls saying today?
  • Voting intention over time
  • Which seats are changing hands?
  • Data from all UK-Wide Polls
Whether you agree with their model methodology or not, the poll projection uses a range of visualisation techniques to try and and represent the poll narratives and their prediction.  There are bars, lines, scatter plots and alluvial diagrams galore.
I thought the visualisations made good aesthetic choices to go with the narrative, i.e. the questions being posed, and also included good user of interactivity and filtering.  This set of visualisations definitely takes polling data beyond graphs towards more creative visualisations.

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