My name is Alison Pope and I started this blog whilst a full time postgraduate student on the Information Science MSc Programme with the Department of Library and Information Science at City University London, affectionately known as #citylis.  It was originally created for the Digital Information Technology and Architectures (DITA) module led by Ernesto Priego.  Everyone in class is wrote a blog and you can find other blogs my by classmates on the DITA Blogosphere page or read posts from these blogs at this handy reading list I created on WordPress.com.

Each week during Autumn term we blogged about a different topic related to the module to help us understand how blogging can help support reflective practice and communities of practice for information professionals.

  1. Introduction to Computing and Information Architecture
  2. The World Wide Web, HTML, CSS and Online Publishing
  3. Information Retrieval and Relational Databases
  4. Web Services, APIs and Data Formats.
  5. Archiving, Understanding and Visualising Twitter Data
  6. Working with Alternative-Level Metrics
  7. Text and Data Analysis and Geovisualisation
  8. The Semantic Web, Text Encoding, XML and Annotating Documents
  9. Big Data
  10. Measuring and Analysing What We’ve Done

See all posts in the DITA category.

I continued to post on this blog about any digital architecture or information technology topic covered on the course. In Term 2 I wrote about my elective module on Data Visualisation led by Jo Wood.

See all posts in the DataViz category.

Blogging and social media continues to be an important part of CityLIS teaching and a new cohort of students will shortly be adding their thoughts on DITA to the blogosphere.

I continue to post in this blog whenever something interesting about digital information technology catches my eye but post more regularly these days about analysis and design, information design, digital technology and other thoughts relating to my work, research and ideas in my main 16Blue blog.  You can also follow me on Twitter @alisonpope for various updates.

Home Page Photo Credit

Black and white photo of a desk with an PC. On the PC screen there is an early version of Netscape Navigator. The desk is strewn wuth beer carns, papers, a floppy disk and an ashtray. There is also a lamp on the desk.

This great photo of computer, Netscape, floppy disk, beer and ashtray is The Interwebs ca. 1994 by Stefan Kellner.
Source: Flickr
Licence: CC BY-NC

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