Web 3.0: Towards The Sensing Web

I have to confess.  I don’t like THE Semantic Web. Not the idea of it. I’m fascinated, intrigued, sceptical, excited, doubtful and very interested in the idea of connecting data in more meaningful ways. I love the potential and pour many hopes into it even as I doubt the reality and slightly fear the possible pitfalls […]

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Beyond Journals: Altmetrics for Mapping and Measuring Scholarly Publishing

Following on from our look at archiving and analysing Twitter, this week in DITA we examined a use case for APIs and social media analytics: alternative metrics for scholarly publishing. This article covers how alternative metrics are extending traditional bibliometrics, thinks about how altmetrics work and some of the limitations and talks about one of […]

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Collecting Echoes

Along with other #citylis students I attended the British Library Labs Symposium (Monday 3rd November 2014) during reading week. As well as being a fantastic event it provided an opportunity to think about not just participating in but also preserving a conference backchannel. What is a backchannel? An event backchannel is a secondary discussion via […]

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When Databases Talk Back

I’ve been reading through DITA blogs the last couple of days. Over 40 blogs and 130 posts of great writing so far from classmates on DITA.  Some totally new to blogging and facing their blogging anxieties and WordPress learning curves; some more experienced.  All of them spreading their blogging wings in new and different ways as we […]

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APIs and Applications

When I was growing up my brother and I each had a train set. My brother’s was a Hornby set.  It was very realistic and the trains looked amazing with superb attention to detail.  However, if he wanted a different train for a different purpose he had to buy an additional train – a different […]

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Mixtapes and Mashups

Remembering Analogue  “I’ll make you a mixtape that’s a blueprint of my soul” – Mixtape by Jamie Cullum from the album The Pursuit For people of a certain age (i.e. mine)  the mixtape brings back fond memories of afternoons and evenings of teenage ennui banished by curating the perfect combination of songs and getting them to fit […]

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We Ask; The Web Answers

This week in DITA we scratched the surface of databases with structured information and information retrieval (IR) with unstructured or semi-structured information.  This could also be described as covering how good we are at the ‘put’ and ‘pull’ of information management:  where shall we put it and how to we pull it out when we need it again? Our […]

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As We May Blog

Yes, I’ve started another new blog.  This one I may actually write in.  This is an introductory post explaining the context for starting a new blog and the design and setup decisions I made. Background This is a blog supporting my studies for the Digital Information Technology and Architectures (DITA) module. Each week during Autumn term members of […]

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